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Your All-In-One Miner & Hosting Package

Crypto Knight Hosting offers state-of-the-art BTC miner hosting solutions for any individual or business looking to have an all-encompassing service for purchasing, hosting, and managing their miners. 



Bitcoin  Miners 

Our facilities support the hosting of ASIC miners owned by customers. Typically the customer delivers the miners to our facility where our experienced staff on-boards the miners and performs all support to maintain the best performance and productivity from our clients equipment.


Automated Alert Management & Active Response

Crypto Knight Hosting management software will alert our 24hr support staff of any issues that may arise.  Our trained and knowledgeable staff will respond swiftly to remedy the situation. 


Real-Time Customer Dashboard & Performance Tracking

Crypto Knight Hosting Miner purchasers will have access to a customized dashboard with real-time metrics to see exactly how their miners are performing. 


State of the Art Facilities with On-Site Security

Crypto Knight Hosting boasts the latest mining equipment.  Our sites are under 24-hour surveillance with on-site staff. CKH is constantly assessing and fine-tuning our systems to make the most efficient use of our power consumption.  

Trained Staff

Crypto Knight Hosting staff members follow Standard Operating Procedures, developed in-house, and are knowledgeable in all areas of networking and Miner repairs. 

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Enterprise-Level Solutions

  • Manage risk through asset diversification 

  • Invest idle funds to create additional revenue 

  • Utilize energy resources to power your miners 

  • Or take advantage of our state-of-the-art hosting facilities and low electricity costs to generate a secondary passive revenue source for your business 

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